Al atardecer

Al atardecer - Hsin-Yu Sun - Cifra editorial
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When people go to work, study or walk, what are dogs or cats doing in the house? Do they sit formally and dominate the general situation as owners of the place or do they get bored and rest all the time? We present an illustrated album book by author Hsin-Yu Sun. In this picture book, without words, we accompany a designer and her dog for a day. With a plot development in two parallel lines, at the top of the page we follow the tour that the girl does on a bicycle through the streets of Taipei while, at the bottom, we see what happens with the dog while waiting at home. reunion with its owner. When she returns, she exchanges glances with her dog; the separation of the pages disappears, the backgrounds are filled with color and the characters unite in open places. This story, magnificently achieved, conveys the idea of ​​mobility and statism, of life inside and outside the doors, more


Book: Al atardecer

ISBN: 9786079209575
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