América - Andrew Warhola - Siruela
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From his early portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elvis Presley and Campbell's Soups to the most recent works by Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Donald Duck, Andy Warhol's twenty years as an artist of international fame have not been but a passionate love story with the United States. Thanks to the camera that never leaves him, now comes a love letter, a memory and an amazing portrait of modern life: America. Selected from his archives of a decade, It is a work of dazzling insight, a book of strange beauty and enormous contradictions.Here are the private lives of the rich and famous, the young Americans of today with their sexy and muscular bodies and the world of the street with America's poorest people, here are the amazing creatures of the night dressed in their finest clothes, and here is a brunch in Texas that includes a dance class in the West. more


Book: América

ISBN: 9788498418415