Ana und das Café Rubia

Novela en Alemán. Nivel A2

Ana und das Café Rubia - Edith von Sundahl-Hiller - Herder
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Ana und das Café Rubia is the second installment of the trilogy about the life of Ana, a young woman from Barcelona who emigrates to Berlin in search of work and a new life. In this novel, Ana will open a bar, Café Rubia, with her friend Rosa and her co-worker Ibi. During the process, Ana and her friends will experience different ways of loving and living, enjoying their Berlin experiences as all young people. In this way, Ana und das Café Rubia, adapted for students of level A2, enters into the theme of the complex relationships between friends and family in order to work on a wider vocabulary and new grammatical constructions that will help the reader, in an interesting and enjoyable way. , in his learning of German.

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Book: Ana und das Café Rubia

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