Anatomía de un soldado

Anatomía de un soldado - Harry Parker - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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A truly unique novel, because the horror, chaos and nonsense of the war and the lives with which it devastates in its whirlwind of destruction are narrated by forty-five inanimate objects, which are involuntarily used by human beings as tools for destroy each other: through the point of view of combat boots, a helmet, a medal, a beer can, a saw to cut human limbs or a sophisticated prosthetic leg, Harry Parker has written a polyphonic novel, the that the detachment with which objects narrate human madness confers such a chilling, so absurd mood, that at times it gets us to envy those objects for the good fortune of not being trapped in the endless armed conflicts.



Book: Anatomía de un soldado

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