Animal - Blanco Pantoja - Erdosain
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Animal is a book about life, an anonymous biography of history and bones. It is a reflection on all the things and joys that we cannot commensurate because they transcend our individuality. It is a book about bone memory; the memory of each element that is drawn and grows on our skin - hair and hardness, grooves and turgencies - and how everything we are as individuals and collectivity has been patiently and silently molded by the ubiquitous wheel of time and the infinite stories that took place under the sun, between the undergrowth, over and under the water, in the sky — in the same way that a mountain erodes and shapes a mountain in millennia. Under all this lies (fossilized and inscribed in our bones) the story of one and all other living beings that inhabit this beautiful and tragic land.


Book: Animal

ISBN: 9789563535037
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