Antes de que se me olvide

Una aventura tipográfica y bibliológica personal e intransferible

Antes de que se me olvide - José Martínez de Sousa - Trea
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The work that the reader has in his hands is not an autobiography nor a memoir to dry, as we know them normally. To more accurately classify the content of these pages have to think more in professional reports, subgenus little used in Spain, where memories and autobiography have more followers. Do not look here, then, personal, intimate or public, related to the author's biography. What this shows is his career as a professional typography, spelling, and Bibliology orthotypography, subjects tried, studied, and applied to cultivated throughout his life and has now rescued from the deep limbo that is the inexorable time and whose vision offers us in these pages.The title of the work, before I forget, has a double interpretation. It refers, firstly, the fact intimate that the influence of time on the physiological nature of the author later remember you from that which he lived, more


Book: Antes de que se me olvide

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