Antología de la música romántica

Antología de la música romántica - Leon Plantinga - Akal
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This anthology, designed to accompany the work 'Romantic music', from this same collection, aims to offer the scores of all works that are analyzed in depth, while serving, independently, as a balanced collection For those interested in 19th century music. To this end, the editor broadly embraces the full range of forms and genres proper to the Romantic period. The symphony is represented by a work belonging to the early romanticism and another of the late period; Piano literature includes several sonatas and short lyric pieces, and virtuosity is incorporated with a paraphrase of Liszt and a Brahms concert. Examples of chamber music, symphonic poem and oratory are included. The lied is present in the selection with works by Schubert, Schumann and Hugo Wolf and the opera is lavishly represented by fragments of masterpieces by Rossini, Wagner, Verdi and Musorgsky. In each of the more


Book: Antología de la música romántica

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