Antropología de la ciudad

Antropología de la ciudad - Lluís  Duch - Herder
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Since the key moment in history that humans established fixed settlements to live in community, the city has been the highest expression of human cultural presence in the world; a presence that has established itself in every historical moment, what are the dimensions of their true nature, always subject to unexpected and disconcerting outbreaks of multiple physiognomy of contingency.

Today, in the era of "electronic surveillance" matters related to money and public order are carefully regulated and controlled, but the other areas of the human, those that deal with the responsibility, sympathy, the embracement , honesty and mercy, are in the field of free and generous will of individuals or social groups. It is necessary, therefore, to approach the urban reality from a reinterpretation of the most decisive material and mental ingredients that are actively involved in more



Book: Antropología de la ciudad

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