Aprender a pensar, pensar en aprender

Aprender a pensar, pensar en aprender - Stuart Maclure - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa

Thinking is a normal activity for every human being; Everyday life depends on our ability to do so. The objectives of formal education have always been, therefore, to cultivate and elevate the faculties of thought. However, formal education has not been able to fully comply with this objective. Reviewing pedagogical practices to promote creativity, systemic thinking, the capacity for abstraction and experimentation is, today more than ever, the challenge of our educational systems. To that end, McClure and Davies explore three general conceptions in the context of education: the "skills" approach, the "inculcation" model, and the belief that traditional disciplines and pedagogy enable thought development. This book invites us to reflect on the current state of knowledge and to inquire more about how youth reason and learn, in an enriching book for teachers, pedagogues, psychologists o...read more


Book: Aprender a pensar, pensar en aprender

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