Aprendiendo a resumir

Prontuario y resolución de casos

Aprendiendo a resumir - María Pinto Molina - Trea
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The profound changes in recent years as demand and supply of information concerns arising from the increasing role of new information technology and communication have a significant impact on models of representation, and therefore in the learning models to the college student should be close. In this crossroads lies the summary, a figure that is classic documentary not only to their seniority in the information landscape-documentary, but also because of its importance and effectiveness in representing the knowledge contained in documents and in the brains of individuals. Its dual function as a documentary tool, and significant learning tool, we dispelled any possible doubt about its importance in the latest academic environments. With a clear vocation to help the college student in the current context of European convergence, comes this book, the product of extensive experience in th...read more


Book: Aprendiendo a resumir

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