Arde Madrid

Arde Madrid - Kiko Herrero - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Arde Madrid under the memory of the bombs of the Civil War; Arde Madrid by the violence, the folly and the oppression of the Francoism; By the nights of false freedom and by the dawns of despair, destruction and drugs of the Movement; Madrid burns by the forgetfulness of the common graves, of the betrayals and the murders; For democracy built on the shameful silence of all; Arde Madrid by the economic crisis, the evictions, the helplessness and the humiliation of the excluded ones; Madrid burns because of the greed, the voracity, and the pettiness of a few; But it also burns in the memory of a child and in his mind-boggling imagination; It burns in a whale that rots in the middle of summer; Burns in the beauty of a schizophrenic girl; Burns in the suicides and in the artists destroyed by the disease, the heroine and the madness; It burns in the defeat and melancholy of a whole more



Book: Arde Madrid

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