Asuntos moneros 2. Manual de golosinas

Asuntos moneros 2. Manual de golosinas -  Jis y Trino - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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We should be very naive to think that people like the Peyote Murderer, the Devil Zepeda, busty Santos Mendoza or come from sound and healthy minds. No, the authors of epic books like Know Martian Chronicles ball or draw their inspiration not from the sweat of his brow, but a very particular type of divine enlightenment: that provided by the gods that alter the senses. This book does not recommend or dissuade: account. Travel recounts these two titans of the cartoon have done throughout their lives mounted on psychotropic and other goodies. For those who believe that they know inside and outside the creators of The Neverending Chora are hidden they discover the last bastion of their lives. The fourth dimension. The dark side of the moon. Jis lost hair. Trino hymn composed for when the Atlas is champion: the most revealing book of the illustrious career of two of the most twisted and more



Book: Asuntos moneros 2. Manual de golosinas

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