Bajo contínuo

Bajo contínuo - Luis Gutiérrez del Arroyo - Dairea
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In this new collection of poems by Luis Gutiérrez del Arroyo, most of the poems carry at the foot of the page the mention of some old verse, of the beginning of some Renaissance melody, of phrases that are sung or played in baroque operas. With these distant presences, the author has written them using his own motives and rhythms, as if composing brief differences or re-draws. They express again the nostalgia, the sorrow for the lost love, for the life that ends; or the joy of unforgettable moments, magnificent in the fullness of the senses; or the only wealth of good memories accumulated, of travel, of so much saved music. And always the melancholy dying everything, like a bass that accompanied the existence.

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Book: Bajo contínuo

ISBN: 9788493967277