Breve diccionario de Filosofia Ed. Col.

Breve diccionario de Filosofia Ed. Col.        - Max Müller - Herder
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This brief dictionary of philosophy, conducted with great competence and skill by two renowned academics, has been credited as a working tool easy to use. With the ability to synthesize the authors describe the essential features of the fundamental philosophical currents of our time. From the first edition have been expanded references, with attention to the names and schools of more immediate relevance. In a set of nearly 700 articles provides a complete picture of European and American thought, trying not to neglect the references that are often very significant and complete what is presented on the thought of each author. As regards the Spanish edition, we have included others that were essential for its close connection with Spain and Spanish speaking countries.


Book: Breve diccionario de Filosofia Ed. Col.

ISBN: 9789589652268
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