Buenas y enfadadas

El poder revolucionario de la ira de las mujeres

Buenas y enfadadas - Rebecca Traister - Capitán Swing
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It seems that in 2018 the anger of women has suddenly appeared in the public conversation. But long before the creation of the Pantsuit Nation, the Women's March, and the #MeToo movement, women's anger has been catalytic politically. The history of female anger and its cultural significance demonstrates the long history of bitter resentment that has engulfed the slow rise in women's political power in the United States, as well as the ways in which anger is received when it comes to women and men. not of men. With eloquence and fervor, Traister traces the history of female anger as political fuel, from suffragettes marching before the White House to office workers leaving their buildings after Clarence Thomas was confirmed before the Supreme Court. Traister explores women's anger at both men and other women; anger between ideological allies and enemies; the various ways in which anger...read more

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Book: Buenas y enfadadas

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