Canciones y poemas de amor

Canciones y poemas de amor - John Donne - Hiperión
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Gustavo version Falaquera.Este is a book of youth, as usually love books. The poems included in it the John Donne began writing around 1592, at twenty, and correspond to his student days and his adventures as traveler and soldier by Italy, Spain and the Azores. Although we do not have accurate data on each of them, it is easy to identify the poems of unmarried young for his self-assurance and cynicism, or their insistence on sexual pleasure or defense of promiscuity. Others, however, he expresses his admiration and devotion to his beloved, his defense of faithful love and unrequited, and even the spiritualization of relations in which bodies would be nothing more vehicles from the union between souls are without doubt next period, his love for the young Anne More, with whom he married secretly in 1601, when he was twenty-nine and she seventeen. Although circulated in manuscript more

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Book: Canciones y poemas de amor

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