Cartas a un euroescéptico

Cartas a un euroescéptico -  AA.VV. - Marcial Pons
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Marcial Pons
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Dear friend, dear friend:
We would like to start an epistolary relationship with you about Europe and the institutions that in Brussels, Strasbourg and other capitals operate a political and economic complex that we consider of vital importance to all. If we take the trouble to pick up the pen, it is in order to help undo some topics that circulate daily through the media and are repeated in gatherings and conversations in a dazed way. As with topics, these are unsubstantiated claims, that is, truffled with ignorance if not malicious intent. We are aware of the difficulty that our task entails because we well know that the common thing is to have to deal with the run down disqualification or the outburst.
Francisco Sosa Wagner, university professor, now occupies a seat in the European Parliament. He is the author of legal works, also an essayist and writer who has won more

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Book: Cartas a un euroescéptico

ISBN: 9788415948261