Marcial Pons

Booksellers, publishers and distributors specialized in Law, Economy and Business, History, Humanities and CC. Social.
In 1948, Marcial Pons Abejer established himself as an independent bookseller with the firm idea of ​​developing a specialized bookstore model. This project implied a high degree of professional commitment in order to satisfy the bibliographic needs of its clients, wherever they were, and keep them promptly informed about editorial production in any language related to the disciplines of their interest.
Currently Marcial Pons already has three establishments open to the public, two in Madrid and one in Barcelona, ​​and works with more than 10,000 publishers. Marcial Pons has established itself as the leading chain of specialized bookstores in Spain, as well as the leading export bookstore. We have more than 150,000 clients around the world and, with the more