Cartas biológicas a una dama

Cartas biológicas a una dama - Jakob Von Uexkull - Cactus
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A scene is all I'm sitting under the sunlight, I see a bumblebee flying over the stonemason, from one flower to another. So begins one of the letters, entitled "Origin". Who paints the scene is the widow of Jakob von Uexküll, addressed these biological Letters, 1920. She asks for two people who apparently have nothing to do but they seem made for each other. musical question, ask for the love of the world. In another letter he speaks of the invisible threads that break Newton's apple. Another scene ... and then disappears.

The biologist takes his pen, seeks to explain (it) the life of the worlds. A little walk discovers that, while considered beings-subjects, no one world, but many, perhaps one for each being. The notion of Umwelt (surrounding world) emerges bright, call to have the most widespread influence on the future of biology, ethology, philosophy. The anthropomorphic more



Book: Cartas biológicas a una dama

ISBN: 9789872922467