Cenicientas y patitos feos

De la desvalorización personal a la buena autoestima

Cenicientas y patitos feos - Marcelo R. Ceberio - Herder México
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Herder México
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Well it could be argued that low self esteem is one of the deepest and most common diseases of our time. The devaluation is a feeling that squanders and thwart projects, blocks the ability to be creative, creates uncertainty, increases, therefore, distress and anxiety, and complicates the complexity of human relationships. Which is such a plague that slowly eats, wipes, penetrates, as brief or abrupt, and damages the personality.

Cinderellas and ugly ducklings. From personal devaluation to good self-esteem analyzes of acute simple but the intricate web of human devaluation. It explores, in children's stories as in life itself, how people eagerly seeking personal assessment in the environment, making babies good, poor victims, helpers or exemplary students, among others, with the secret expectation of being valued and recognized .

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Book: Cenicientas y patitos feos

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Cenicientas y patitos feos

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