Ciberactivismo - Mario Tascón - Catarata
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A new form of social activism is spreading around the world. In recent years we have witnessed Arab revolts, leaks of secrets from U.S. embassies and governments around the world through Wikileaks, the actions of the cyberattack collective Anonymous against companies like Visa or Amazon, or the social media-based election campaign that led Obama to the presidency of the United States. With the popularization of social media, people have powerful tools at their fingertips to protest against governments, politicians or big business. What until a few years ago was the privilege of the few experts who managed the Internet, is democratizing with new tools and simplifying the ability to issue messages and quickly engage with others, regardless of age, sex, religion or the place of the world in which they are located. Anyone can be a ringleader or can easily support a movement, spreading an more


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Book: Ciberactivismo

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