Ciencia ciudadana

Cómo podemos todos contribuir al conocimiento científico

Ciencia ciudadana - Caren Cooper - Grano de sal
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How can we all contribute to scientific knowledge
We can all contribute to generate scientific knowledge: this is the basic assumption of citizen science, a seductive research modality that comes out of classrooms, cubicles and laboratories, and involves ordinary people. In the spirit of collaborative companies -like the indispensable Wikipedia-, in which a multitude of participants join forces to reach a higher goal, this decentralized way of doing science consists of accumulating observations, records and analysis of hundreds, or even millions, of volunteers in any part of the world, willing to contribute their time and curiosity in order to understand phenomena that could not be dealt with only with the work of professional scientists and that often are mainly the responsibility of local communities. With a sharp and humorous prose, and with a fine balance between colloquial more



Book: Ciencia ciudadana

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