Cine I

Bergson y las imágenes

Cine I - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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Deleuze presents this course Bergsonism and film, published here for the first time in Castilian, as a "risk" has taken. What is the risk? Deleuze fears that exploring a land so foreign to philosophy bring it to a mere exercise of implementing concepts.
Why it is worth the "risk"? He never tires of repeating: the philosopher's task is to invent concepts. More than a study on the film, which will find here is a thought experiment then through film. And as in any other course, it will be the effort and the diversity of operations, local tactical decisions taken at the right time, which are necessary to advance that Deleuze calls "invention".
How to escape a comment about the film on its own terms or those of criticism? Settling in Bergson's world of images equal to matter. And if it stops, if the risk of choking philosophy to cinema run? Pasolini advance, with Vertov, with more



Book: Cine I

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