Cleopatra - Christoph Schäfer - Herder
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Queen Cleopatra was not a frivolous running after any robe of gold, but a queen of the last dynasty Egyptian history designed for the ambition of building the largest empire imaginable: the Egyptian-Roman Empire, and it was dedicated in body and soul in the strictest sense of the term. The author of this extensive and passionate biography covers the tortuous path of the ancient historians (almost all enemies of the Queen) in search of facts and intentions actually occurred. To do this, is gaining ground in the forest of the legendary tales, semi-legendary or historical biased by the intent of the various sources. The contrasts and purified with rigorous historical method, as far as we are today, and explained in plain language and dynamic.

The various appendages that characterize this collection of historical biographies Herder, and this in particular, offer a vast wealth of more


Book: Cleopatra

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