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Madrid, 2013. While the country celebrates the arrival of the new year, Daniel is locked in a cold and dark house with two cats and three grams of cocaine. Unable to finish a novel, he begins to write a newspaper in which he portrays his disturbing position in front of the world, the conflictive treatment with his friends, his dramatic family situation. Tiredness and despair hopelessly plunge him into indifference. Writing is the only thing that keeps him alive. Nothing seems to save him. Or yes, maybe yes. Written in the second person, Cocaine is a story of redemption. The protagonist's vision of reality gives us an exalted image of job insecurity, personal success, and the failure of a society as well-off as it is hostile. An angry novel about life and death, about disenchantment and survival, where addiction becomes a reflection of the frustrations of an entire generation. Without more


Book: Cocaína

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