Como si fuera un juguete

Como si fuera un juguete - Jorge Luján - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Hard cover

As if it were a toy is a book difficult to classify whose texts transit in an area that gravitates between poetry and aphorism. With brief and clear but profound sentences, Luján allows the child reader to get in touch with the most intimate of his mind: imagination and memories. The book follows a subtle route that will be noticed by the most attentive readers, and that reinforces the idea of ​​the journey within the literature. With the utmost respect not only for the intelligence of children, but for their incredible capacity to transcend the limits of contingent forms, Luján opens a universe as vast as the imagination of the reader who is approaching in his words. The illustrations of Morteza Zahedi are the perfect complement to this initiatory journey of the children inside of themselves. Sprinkled with thousands of textures, with details that will be revealed in each new more


Book: Como si fuera un juguete

ISBN: 9786077781493