Con la mejor intención

Cuentos para comprender lo que sienten los niños

Con la mejor intención - Marisol Ampudia - Herder
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The education of a child is not easy task, even in a society like ours, where success is measured in money and property that the person gets accumulated over his life. Most parents feel overwhelmed and afraid to think about the future of their children._x000D_
Since the health sector, using the motto "prevention is better," remind us of the dangers they face daily at every step and the negative consequences of snuff smoke, sedentary lifestyle, excess sweets, huge burgers ... We care for our children like fragile porcelain figurines, trying to spare any effort, until one day we realize we have at home a little tyrant, moody and rebellious._x000D_
The aim of this book, narrated in the form of short stories, is to help understand how to produce certain difficulties of daily life and how, even with the best intentions, we contribute to more


Book: Con la mejor intención

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