Concierto de lo invisible

Concierto de lo invisible - Cristina Álvarez Puerto - Dairea
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Lucid and warm poetic voice that invites you to stop, feel, think, in any case to nourish yourself. This book, as an experience and reality that is poetry, reveals that there can be a new fullness in human relationships: to practice a new kind of love that can flourish between loneliness.

Concert of the invisible is a journey through five movements, different qualities and rhythms of love, always in the hand of time and death. With "Heartbeats in the shade" we hear a generous voice that connects with the hidden beauty of loss or the teaching of detachment transforming pain into conscience, like a single executed with the heartbeat. The second movement, "Escalada en Ávila", is a serene invitation to merge into nature and prepares us for the next scene among the sculptures of "Urdimbres", a movement in which the experience of art vibrates as a way of knowledge and revelation. At more



Book: Concierto de lo invisible

ISBN: 9788494671883