Crecer y aprender

Curso de psicología del desarrollo para educadores

Crecer y aprender - Rosario Ortega  - Machado Libros
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Machado Libros
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Growing and learning is born from the class notes of a developmental psychology course for students of Educational Sciences, exposing the conceptual contents, an explanation of the processes of human change and a model of academic work that unites the theory with practice.
The text includes a selection of fundamental topics for the description of the cognitive, affective and social processes that constitute the evolution of the personality during childhood and adolescence, and establishes the bases for understanding the meaning of the natural areas of coexistence (family , school and culture) as contexts in which a permanent process of learning and education takes place.
Each one of the chapters presents, together with a rigorous and entertaining exposition of the subject, a set of work and reading suggestions, which offers the reader the possibility of constructing their more


Book: Crecer y aprender

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