Machado Libros

Antonio Machado The library was founded in 1971 , in the same place where previously a hat shop were located. It began as a meeting place for concerts , exhibitions and many meetings , conferences and book presentations were made. With the death of Franco, and after finishing the champagne, then address Bookseller lost interest in continuing the business and sold in 1975 to José Miguel García Sánchez , editor , bookseller and distributor Viewer . Initially with the new direction art gallery is maintained and continue to book presentations. Among the highlights are the first exhibition Miquel Barceló in Madrid and the presentation of the first book of Woody Allen in Tusquets . But there would be more , much more in these forty-odd year history. In 2001 it added the Seller of the Fine Arts, and is since then that the two libraries are in Wafer axis , the path of the books by Antonio more