Cuando lo infinito asoma desde el abismo

Estudios sobre el romanticismo en lengua alemana e inglesa

Cuando lo infinito asoma desde el abismo - Virginia López Domínguez - Taugenit
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This book delves into the great themes that made romanticism a breakthrough movement: evil, madness, drugs, sleep, night, death, magic, feeling, imagination ... and that allowed it to create an aesthetic religion where love, women and nature are protagonists.

Being romantic means knowing that you are a participant in a universal whole that gives meaning to the individual, in an absolute whose unity was broken by human intelligence. The romantics feel cut off from nature and from others, nostalgic and helpless, as if they were a fragment torn from the infinite, a leaf in the wind thrown into an abyss. Through his alienated characters, monsters, automata, vampires and ghosts, he denounced the abjection of humanity and predicted a sad end for it. Virginia Moratiel brings the knowledge of the scholar and the pen of the seasoned writer, and reveals some of the best kept secrets of more


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Book: Cuando lo infinito asoma desde el abismo

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