Cuestiones cuánticas

Escritos místicos de los físicos más famosos del mundo

Cuestiones cuánticas -  AA.VV. - Kairós
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For the first time, the mystical writings of the most eminent scientists of our era, the founding fathers of Relativity and Quantum Physics, meet in a book. All of them, with an accessible language and alien to technical terminology, express their conviction that physics and mysticism, in some way, are complementary. Certainly, the author of the compilation, Ken Wilber, warns us against the already abusive tendency to link the fate of mysticism with the new paradigm of science. They are different things that, precisely as different, can coexist. But one question remains intact: what was it that led such diverse scientists to share a mystical vision of reality? It is that Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Einstein, Jeans, Planck, Pauli, Eddington, all, without exception, ended up having a transcendent conception of the world where the duality between matter and spirit was surpassed. And that more




Book: Cuestiones cuánticas

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