Curso de argumentación jurídica

Curso de argumentación jurídica - Manuel Atienza - Trotta
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The philosophy of the current law is characterized by the argumentative turn that includes the set of legal phenomena from the point of view of rational persuasion. In this new context, it was essential to provide a theoretical and practical legal guidance and to deal with what is at the core of his business: arguing legally.

This course builds a unified theory of legal argumentation from three different perspectives: formal (or logical), material and pragmatic, and discusses the three fundamental questions of legal practice: how to analyze an argument, how to evaluate and how to argue.

The exhibition is accompanied by numerous materials (sentences, texts by philosophers of law, no more philosophers, theoretical or practical jurists, controversial or newspaper articles) in which they operate or the main points previously presented synthetically and problematized systematic.


Book: Curso de argumentación jurídica

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