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Although almost always in a latent way, the figure of Rousseau was a constant presence in Deleuze's work. Not having dedicated a great book to him, like other philosophers of his stature, this course of 1960, whose typed summary is first published in Castilian, becomes a document of immense value. It constitutes, together with a brilliant fragment of twenty years later, that accompanies him in this edition, the reading that this left us of the thinker of the Social Contract.
However, precisely this structure far exceeds the Rousseau that is usually presented to us, that of a naked political philosophy, in its formal and comparative aspect with the rest of legal-political theories. Rather, it is illuminated-and it is always a birth when Deleuze reads-a Rousseauan ethic, where perhaps a Spinozist tone is discovered behind the thinker, something like a sound that one must know to more


Book: Curso sobre Rousseau

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