De Iguala a Ayotzinapa

La escena y el crimen

De Iguala a Ayotzinapa -  AA.VV. - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

Between September 26 and 27, 2014, acts of extreme violence occurred in the town of Iguala, in Guerrero. There, 43 students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School, located where the Ayotzinapa hacienda was, disappeared, and several more people lost their lives or suffered severe damage. That is the scene, that was the crime. The confusing events of that very long night, in which municipal police and members of a criminal group participated, were followed by an unprecedented investigation by the federal authorities, and yet, soon the public opinion forged the certainty that something would unite that tragedy with that of October 2, 1968 in Tlatelolco. In this short volume, Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo and Julián Canseco Ibarra are interested not in the events themselves, but in the symbolic construction that took place in the press, expert reports, street expressions, as well more


Book: De Iguala a Ayotzinapa

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