De la casa de los niños a la morada del ser

Conocer a la persona a partir del pensamiento de María Montessori

De la casa de los niños a la morada del ser  - Juan Carlos Mansur - Herder México
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Herder México
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On the eve of commemorating the 110th anniversary of the founding of the first school or Montessori Children's House is worth reflecting on until today continuing importance and necessity of thinking of its founder. Maria Montessori proposes an education centered on the child form and help embody the unusual image of person who has entrusted us to meet and perform, nothing more essential in education; we all have a sacred duty to care for ourselves and ensure become that person we are called to be and help others to fulfill this purpose.
At a time when humanity is still suffering labor exploitation, violence, ecological degradation and the transmutation of values, products by the side of the ignorance of the people, but also the proliferation of educational systems that explode and reduce everything to money and wealth, Maria Montessori helps shed light on how to teach true more


Book: De la casa de los niños a la morada del ser

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