De lo sublime

De lo sublime -  Pseudo-Longino - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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The history of the category of the sublime decisively marks the surgmiento of aesthetic thought in the eighteenth century, according to a perspective to which what stands in the manifestation of the sublime is not the form of the thing, as with beauty but the force of events. In recent decades, the notion of the sublime has become a crucial point refrencia and philosophical debate, if on the one hand concerns the transformations of contemporary art, on the other gathers around him aesthetic, metaphysical, ethical intentions and anthropological. This treaty is the founding piece of the theories of the sublime. Tardición enrolled in the old rhetoric and stylistics, is provided with significant philosophical scope. After a long period of default, the edition prepared by the humanist scholar Robortelli in 1554, and then the translation did Boileau in 1674, he was assured a rich posterity, more



Book: De lo sublime

ISBN: 9789568415099