Deleuze hermético

Filosofía y prueba espiritual

Deleuze hermético - Joshua Ramey - Editorial Las cuarenta
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Editorial Las cuarenta
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What for Deleuze is at stake in thought - and what is at stake in this book - is, after all, a political problem. Pointing out the contours of a renewed spirituality of thought and a new vision of the mutual interspersing of material and spiritual forces, is part of an attempt to fulfill the mission of philosophy in late capitalism, a mission that the same delight will characterize as the renewal of a "belief in the world." My particular way of extending this mission, by pushing Deleuze more deeply in the direction of his own secrecy, is motivated by the conviction that to challenge the ubiquitous magic of that confluence of power and desire that Isabelle Stengers once described how the great "Capitalist witchcraft", an extremely sober attempt is necessary to release the aspects of social and natural reality confined so far, on the one hand, in the afforistic prescriptions of more


Book: Deleuze hermético

ISBN: 9789871501809