Deleuze. Los movimientos aberrantes

Deleuze. Los movimientos aberrantes - David Lapoujade - Cactus
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We know very well the weight of the passage of Deleuze's thought for the history of philosophy, from his fundamental works of the late 60's, through his readings of other philosophers, his books that invade or invade fields of non- Philosophical, until his collaboration with Guattari. What it is difficult for us to know better is its gravitation in us, what to do with it, with its work, beyond the quotation of chance or banal complacency. And it is the core question for a philosophy: its use value. What to do with the critics of capitalism, the state apparatus, neurotic lives or Oedipus? How to build a policy with the concepts of nomadism, war machine or escape line? How can becoming a minority be powerful?
We needed a reading like that of David Lapoujade, who has navigated like no one else by the work of Deleuze - working on the compilation of his scattered texts - and who more


Book: Deleuze. Los movimientos aberrantes

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