Derrames II

Derrames II - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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In this course, dictated between the end of 1979 and the beginning of 1980, Gilles Deleuze demonstrates the effectiveness of the hypotheses and concepts he has created together with Félix Guattari in the series Capitalism and Schizophrenia to think with originality one of the most visited problems by the sciences social: the emergence and the relationship between state and capitalism. In the first part, from contemporary anthropological and archaeological research, and using marginalist economic theory to think about the possibility of exchange in the so-called primitive communities, discusses any evolutionary idea about the origin of the State proposing the hypothesis of a coexistence of diverse social formations even before the development of agriculture. The State appears as a capture device, a process of overcoding of flows, origin of both agriculture and money. But also flows more



Book: Derrames II

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