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Mangos de Hacha

The language can not appropriate because it is perennially incomplete. The perfect actions leave no trace ... Poetry is imperfect, unfinished, as is. There is no consolation. Just as the word does not exist. The transformation through nothingness toward otherness. "Perhaps there is speech?" (Chuang Tzu). The transformation of a question in question, about the limit of the border, the outline of meaning, about the release of meaninglessness by the senselessness, exists only in the promise, in language, in poetry. The story is not a space wafer that melts on the tongue. Courage is an infinite affirmation of thought that defeat "the order of the real truth".
Poetry is an expense of language "without purpose" is actually a redundancy; a constant sacrifice a sacrifice. You may talk here about love, in other words about reality, or the probability of answering an echo without origin more



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