Mangos de Hacha

MaNgOS de HaChA s is a Mexican publishing project that began its work in 2005. Initially editorial publications were made in small runs and special formats. Editorial This project continues the work carried out by several of its members in publications such as The poet and his work and the collection of books of the publishing company, among others.
The publisher MaNgOS de HaChA consists José Luis Bobadilla, Juan Carlos Cano, Ricardo Cazares, Tatiana Diaz and Jessica Lipkes. The five authors dedicated to editorial work and related publications recognized as the poet and his work, The Tempest, Free Lyrics, Code, Marvin, Vice (EU), leaf by leaf, Replicant, Day Seven, Errr Magazine, Nexus or newspaper Goals.

From the start of the project a clear publisher judgment based on a central interest in the dissemination of poetry that was considered essential not only in its formal more