(Para que) (Crezca)

(Para que) (Crezca) - Andrea Zanzotto - Mangos de Hacha
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Mangos de Hacha
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The Writings of Andrea Zanzotto, sometimes expansive, sometimes minimalist-son owners of unexpected twists in the syntax, diction and imagery, intertwining a number of fields of study along the way, from linguistics and geography to historiography and political science. halfway between the current, highly industrialized and urbanized, Italy his work explores the areas of language and landscape to explore the complex web of culture and the nature of his hometown, the environment rural, and beyond - or " Adila ", a term frequently used to their physical, mental and spiritual connotations Besides writing poetry, Zanzotto also wrote some stories and made several translations, and as supporting this collection. body was a great critic, mostly related to the work of writers he admired. _x000D_
Patrick Barron

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Book: (Para que) (Crezca)

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