La crisis de los medios

La crisis de los medios - Peter Watkins - Mangos de hacha
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Mangos de Hacha

From his early work, Watkins has continued to break with the idea of ​​transparency of representation and with the figure of the invisible observer to approach the methods proper to television reports [...] to create, from a strong self-awareness, a reflective fabric on forms of writing of reality and their different speeches.
Reading the reflections in the media crisis may seem, more than one reader, the result of a certain paranoia against the system that the media have been trying Watkins cinema itself.
In 1963, after resigning the film, Rossellini wrote: "No tape or literary work addresses the specific issues of concern to humanity today, as it has not found a new dramatic sense." A year after the Italian master made this statement in 1964, Watkins was filming for Culloden state television, the film that was beginning to find that "new dramatic sense" and to reflect more



Book: La crisis de los medios

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