Pepitas de calabaza

"Pumpkin, it is just a new day and, like every evening, I want to say goodbye. I want to say goodbye and thank you for continuing with us. You who could be on the table of the rich and the powerful have chosen the humble Terrace of an old man to set an example to the world.

"I can not forget that in the most difficult moments of my life, when my sister got pregnant it's black, or when I caparon the ferret milk- bad, only you prestabas ears to my complaints and iluminabas my way. Pumpkin, I will carry in my heart. "

These words of "Sunrise, which is no small" inaugurated, more than five thousand days ago, a small publishing venture which has become a vital-adventure called Pumpkin seeds Editions. And, with a few more gray hairs on your head, more than a hundred titles to his back and pumpkin full of nuggets, continue faithful to the same ideas that pushed us to get more