Estar con

Estar con - Forrest Gander - Mangos de Hacha
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Mangos de Hacha
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Faults, pitfalls, sediments. These are the signals that Forrest Gander tracks trying to reattach the chipped pebbles of a voice ravaged by mourning. In Being with, Gander probes the intermittences of a pain that composes and recomposes a language that "means the same thing / that feels / says" and in doing so, reveals a mind that is only capable of thinking in the space that the present of the poem.

Gander, a man used to dwelling on the surfaces and hollows that describe the stories of the mineral world, understands the poem as a nucleus that compacts and condenses, that widens and transforms the moment in which a man conceives "a kingdom more real than the lifetime". A place where the body recognizes its fracture.


Book: Estar con

ISBN: 9786079715564