Juno Desierta

Juno Desierta - José Molina - Mangos de Hacha
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Mangos de Hacha
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Poems of a single verse, chromatic garlands of syllables which reflect the status of the amorous gestures and the same Juno, goddess of motherhood here appears deserted, barren case. It is also the patron muse civic state. Serpentine poems that have that perplexity and hesitation seductive lover, blind prayer does not expect answer. A child displacement, almost stammering the words of Gonzalo Rojas from one subject to another, from one verse to another, so perhaps speak in several languages ​​such as fruit collected along the way. Juno verses of one syllable or word when the glottis closes to just say what we achieve, what can be said without breaking anything in the house of love fragile being visited by stealth. "Whoever does not understand key will undergo delirium of liberty," wandering after the coup in the state of mind that is loving break, a death whose mourners are some pigle...read more



Book: Juno Desierta

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