Donde no hay

Donde no hay - Eduardo Milán - Mangos de hacha
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Mangos de Hacha

Eduardo Milan takes care of the "lyrical". The lyrical seeks its themes and motifs in "poetic" topos safe to return to and where recognized, is conservative. the lyric says "is what there is." He does not insist, repeat. On the contrary, the poetry of Eduardo Milan invites us to "unlearn possible". When Foucault says that "what is at stake is life" and politics is a biopolitics, talks about the possibility. Say again, insisting. If poetry is crisis and writing is life, then it develops a biopoetics Milan. A silent poetry to life in terms of Giorgio Agamben. A poetry to the field as a political matrix where "everything is possible". Poetry written in a "state of chance" to, and "state of zozorba". Poems written listening to the news, reading the press in the world, but poems that are "news will always be news" (said Pound). Before
disaster, poems from memory, Eros, absent in more



Book: Donde no hay

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