Desde abajo y a la izquierda

Movimientos sociales, autonomía y militancias populares

Desde abajo y a la izquierda - Mariano Pacheco - Editorial Las cuarenta
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Editorial Las cuarenta
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The right -wing lives take place in a universe of post -dictators The narration of what happened. So that that of the defeated becomes testimony without politics.
The lives of the left instead break into with the -Ciclo of popular and anti-neoliberal resistance- 1996-2002, creating an antagonistic counter-culture and reintroducing the political challenge that state terrorism had annihilated. Pacheco investigates the link between that enormous potential for rupture of the crisis and the emergence of what he calls an autonomous new left. The militant currents of the autonomous left maintain and communicate what in the crisis is of immanent criticism of the double representation relationship in which the great actors of democracy coincide: the political representation of the liberal matrix in which the legitimacy of the legitimacy of the Condition; the proper capitalist more


Book: Desde abajo y a la izquierda

ISBN: 9789874936073