Diálogo en Leticia

Diálogo en Leticia - Ernst Tugendhat - Gedisa
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A critical review of the developments of ethics over the last decade theory, is presented here in a lively and dense dialogue. The internal contradictions even the highest ethical aspirations invited to participate actively in the reflection
In Leticia, a village on the banks of the Amazon, the author builds a meeting between his alter ego and an elderly gentleman of Santo Domingo which is presented as his former teacher of rhetoric. The two men strike up a conversation about the foundations of morality.
In the first two of the six parts of the dialogue, I criticize the author's previous attempts to build a moral philosophy and especially the concept of justification for his book Lessons in ethics. According to the explanation of the ancient master, moral standards would by definition rules of conduct of which are considered to require a justification, but that can not...read more


Book: Diálogo en Leticia

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